Oil Changes

Euro Tech is proud to offer the convenience of oil change while you wait. Please call or click for an appointment (616) 393-7733.

Engine Management Systems

At Euro Tech we have specially trained, experienced, ASE Certified technicians, and the best brand-specific diagnostic equipment to properly diagnose and repair these critical systems.

Hybrid Systems

We have specially trained technicians and equipment to maintain, diagnose and repair today's very complex hybrid systems. We have been working on hybrids since 2001 when they first hit the West Michigan market.

Engine Repair

The European auto manufacturers are world leaders in creating some of the most efficient and powerful engines available. From fluid leaks to major internal repair or engine replacement, Euro Tech provides expert diagnosis and repair of these amazing machines.

Transmission Repair

This critical assembly is one of the most complicated components of your car. At Euro Tech we have the patience, knowledge, and experience necessary to diagnose the exact source of the problem and, if possible, make repairs instead of replacing the entire unit. If the problem is beyond repair, we will do our very best to find the most cost-effective solution to your car’s transmission problem.


Modern braking systems are complex and depend on computers for proper operation. At Euro Tech, we have the knowledge and essential brand-specific equipment necessary to properly repair and maintain your car’s braking system. We provide only the best quality parts because your safety is our first priority.

Suspension and Steering

Modern European cars have complicated suspension and steering systems, many are computer-controlled. Euro Tech has the experience and tools necessary to solve any issue you may have with your car’s suspension or steering systems. We can take care of clunks, squeaks, alignment issues, and air ride systems with ease.

Electrical Systems

Euro Tech is proud to be one of two independent auto repair shops in the State of Michigan with VW and Audi dealer-level diagnostic abilities. Our brand-specific tools, dealer-level network access, and technical expertise provide you with electrical systems services most independent shops cannot, such as new key programming and software re-flashes.

Performance Upgrades

If you love your car but crave more power, more responsive handling, and increased braking performance, Euro Tech can do it all. We are proud to be a GIAC dealer, providing the finest performance software upgrades available. Our technicians can achieve the performance-related work you desire for your Audi, VW, and BMW, including brake and suspension upgrades, custom exhaust systems, preparation for track use, and much more. Please call or e-mail to discuss upgrade options for your car.


Are you a weekend DIY-er? Euro Tech is your source for high-quality parts you need to perform your own repairs. Most parts are available the next day and can be picked up at our convenient location in Holland.